Combining my passion for creativity with a lifelong love for photography and videography, I possess a wealth of experience in capturing visually compelling shots. From a young age, I embarked on my journey, armed with my first SLR camera at the age of 15.
Since then, I have continued to expand my expertise in the realms of video and photography, amassing an extensive collection of equipment that includes a mirrorless camera (Sony A6300), drones, action cams, and various stabilization setups. This arsenal enables me to capture stunning footage with unparalleled precision.
Moreover, my proficiency extends beyond capturing remarkable visuals. I possess the technical skills to expertly edit footage using industry-standard software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Furthermore, I have established a robust infrastructure, including a dedicated server, to efficiently host files for clients, ensuring seamless access to marketing assets, videos, and other digital content for use on the web and other platforms.
Additionally, I have successfully ventured into the realm of stock footage and image sales, contributing my work to several reputable platforms catering to digital asset requirements.
If you are in need of exceptional footage in the Battle Creek area, I invite you to reach out and book my services. With my expertise, creative vision, and comprehensive equipment, I am confident in delivering outstanding results tailored to your specific needs.
Feel free to contact us at Cozyartz Media Group to discuss your project requirements and explore how our skills can bring your vision to life.
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